Service Overview

  • "In God's marvelous plan, Divine Providence often uses the tiniest twigs to do good works . . . What would life be without acts of charity?"
                                                                                                                                    - Pier Giorgio Frassati

    At Our Lady of Mercy School, we recognize that we are members of the Body of Christ, a gift that we must lovingly nurture in service to others.  We take very seriously the principles of Catholic social teaching which remind us that we are called to be stewards of all God's creation.  By using our eyes, our feet, our hands, and our hearts, we strive to act as Christ in the world.

    Throughout the school year, students participate in a myriad of service projects which may be organized and completed as a class, school community, or in conjunction with the parish Social Justice Program.  Classroom time is devoted to in-depth reflection on the purpose and impact service projects make on those in need, deepening the connection between the students and their community.

Catholic Charities
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    Catholic Charities

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Cup of Joe
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