Overview of Faith Life

  • Faith formation is an integral part of student life at Our Lady of Mercy School. Accompanied by prayer partners, students participate in weekly Mass prepared by individual classes. Our priests and seminarians are a consistent and visible presence in Mercy classrooms, and our students benefit significantly from their contributions in the academic environment.

    Parents will find the teaching of the faith at Mercy is robust. Students have a combination of classroom lessons that impart knowledge about the faith, with many and varied opportunities to practice the faith.  Students will have anywhere from 3 to 5 explicit religion classes per week, where they will study the content for the religion standards for their grade.  In addition,  all students will enjoy participating in weekly Mass on Wednesday mornings at 8:30 am. In 2022, Cardinal Gregory asked all schools to have a special focus on the Eucharist, as the summit and source of our faith. Faculty will receive in-servicing on this topic, along with a review of each of the curriculum standards.

Faith Experiences

  • The experiential aspects of the faith include but are not limited to all of the following:

    Morning prayers
    Weekly Mass
    Retreats - Grades 5-8
    Classroom prayer services
    Rosary with parish community
    Advent ceremony
    Lenten practices
    Vocation Mass - Grade 6
    Stations of the Cross
    Sacramental preparation
    May crowning
    Christmas pageant

Religion Curriculum & Standards