Beyond the Mercy Classroom

  • A unique feature of Mercy's curriculum is our Educational Extensions Program. This program is designed to provide an optimum school experience for all children based on their various educational strengths and needs.  An Educational Extension Program for the highly motivated/gifted student in which methods and strategies are combined with differentiation so that the students experience opportunities to enjoy learning and explore challenges. A student’s individual program may be adjusted and tailored to meet his/her needs. Throughout the year, parents and students are informed about school and local enrichment program opportunities to enhance learning.


  • Drama Club (6-8)
    Geometry (8)
    Chess Club (K-4)
    Band (4-8)
    Art Studio (K-6)
    Choir (3-8)
    Language Enrichment
    Mercy Great Reads
    Sports Clinics
    Mercy Investors (6-8)
    TV Broadcast Studio
    Targeted Enrichment (Logic, science, art appreciation)
    Mercy Summer Spectrum


  • Altar Servers
    Library Assistants


  • Leadership Seminar (7-8)
    National Junior Honor Society (6-8)
    Student Council (5-8)