Welcome to 7th Grade!

  •  7th Grade

     Growing in Knowledge

    Discovering His Creation

    Expanding Our Horizons


    Expect this to be a year of discovery and growth. Look forward to a year of faith, learning and adventure. You will be given many opportunitie to grow both as a student and member of the Mercy community. This site and the Google Classroom will be used to share assignments, coursework, relay class information and provide a window to new experiencs.

    Our theme for this school year is again centered around values represented by the concept of MERCY. This concept encompasses values such as FAITH, COMMUNITY, SERVICE, RESPONSIBILITY and GROWTH both personally and academically. Visitors to our school community will see the 5 VALUES engendered by our name incorporated into our daily routine and expressed in numerous ways throughout the school, all year long. 

    There is no more appropriate theme for this year as we continue our journey of discovery, growth, and faith.