Homework Help

  • Homework...............What is the Parents' Role?

    • Establish homework as a priority
    • Establish a quiet working place (Some children benefit from "white noise" such as a softly playing radio in the background.  Loud music and visual stimulation tend to distract most people.)
    • Establish daily homework time
    • Provide help for your child (Help read directions,do first one together, check work, encourage child to redo any problems that are incorrect)
    • Provide positive support when homework is completed ("In praising or loving a child, we love and praise not that which is, but that which we hope for." Children of any age can never receive too much praise and support from their parents!)

Birthday Celebrations

  • Please feel free to send in cookies, cupcakes, or a small treat to celebrate your child's birthday! (Please do not send in cakes that need to be cut - treats should be sent in single servings and ready to hand out.)  Kindly drop me a short note in advance so we don't have two treats on the same day.  Also, napkins would be greatly appreciated and drinks are not necessary. If you do send drinks, juice boxes, please! Thank you for not sending any drinks that need to be poured.  If your child has a summer birthday, they may celebrate on a school day of your/their choice, if so desired.


  • Please make sure your child has two sharpened pencils to begin each day!