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    Vocabulary Practice
    Sadlier practice worksheets
    Vocabulary help & review

    Shakespeare possessed an immense vocabulary, having used 31,534 different words in his works!  Let's give him a run for his money!
    Quizlet - A great way to study!
    Extra Credit:
    Each quarter, extra credit is available for those students who choose to do the following:
    1. Read outside of class (text books/novels/articles read for a class do not count).  When you find a word in your reading that we have studied in our vocabulary units . . . 
    2. Copy or tear out the page (be sure that it is alright to do so) and highlight the vocabulary word . . .
    3. Once you have a packet of twenty (20) different words, staple the pages together and turn them in labeled "Vocabulary Extra Credit"
    4. Extra-credit is due no later than the final day of each quarter.

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